My wages are being garnished – how can I stop it?

Get help from experienced bankruptcy attorney Rank & Associates, P.C.

My wages are being garnished and I’ve been told there’s no way to stop it.

Get help from experienced bankruptcy attorney Rank & Associates, P.C.
Take a deep breath and hire a professional to help. Garnished wages are relentless, and when you’re drowning financially it’s tough to even see a way out. We’re here for you. Bankruptcy can apply even to garnished wages and we can help you get immediate relief.

Filing bankruptcy under several Chapters of the Bankruptcy code puts an immediate stop to all legal proceedings against you, including garnished wages or bank accounts. Even though the courts have taken action against you, filing provides an immediate stop to those proceedings. We’ll help you work through your bankruptcy filing, and then often even the money that has been garnished can be recovered and returned to you!

This is one of the reasons we offer emergency, same-day bankruptcy filings. You come in for a consultation and we can move forward immediately. We stop garnishment, we stop creditor calls and we answer all your questions right away. If you’re looking for immediate relief, call today. Then visit our Get Started page and fill out the information there. You’ll be on your way to a fresh start.

We can help you recover garnished wages.

The rules regarding the recovery of garnished funds are complex, and usually require an attorney. That’s why you’ve been told there’s no hope – you didn’t yet have 25 years of bankruptcy experience on your side. When you’ve been in this business for years you know the rules, and we can make them work for you instead of against you. Come to a free bankruptcy consultation with Rank & Associates, P.C. and let us help you stop the garnishment today.

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