Do you offer payment plans?

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Can I pay for bankruptcy with a payment plan?

Filing for bankruptcy costs money, and the time you need to file bankruptcy is usually when you have the least money. We know that when you need our help you’re already in a difficult position. Putting together the money needed to file bankruptcy can be difficult or impossible. This is especially true if your wages are garnished, your accounts overdrawn and the clock is ticking on your debts. That’s why we offer bankruptcy payment plans.

Get bankruptcy help at Rank & Associates, P.C. today!Our payment program allows you to pay the majority of your fees after the case is filed. That means we will stop garnishments and creditor harassment, even though you haven’t yet paid in full. When you decide to retain Rank & Associates, P.C. for as little as $500 up front we are immediately on your case and we won’t allow you to be harassed or bullied by creditors. We’ll start filing your bankruptcy immediately, even same-day. This stops all legal proceedings against you. In many circumstances we can even petition the Bankruptcy Court to allow you to pay the filing fees after your case and been filed. This allows you more flexibility and provides protection from creditors sooner.

Many firms require that you pay the full fee for pre-petition and post-petition bankruptcy work prior to filing your case. Instead you can get started with very little money down using our payment plan. We’ve spent over 25 years working with clients, so we know our bankruptcy payment plans work well for most people. When you call for a free consultation we can discuss your current debt, help you file and outline what your payment plan will look like. When you leave our office you’ll feel relieved. And you’ll know you can afford to take this step to a brighter future.

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