Experience and compassion in bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy Law Kevin J. Rank We know that when you come in our office you’re probably in a tough situation. We’re here to support you! We want you to feel comfortable and confident in our ability to help you, individually. So we’ve kept our bankruptcy law practice small and personal – we have one full-time attorney, Kevin J. Rank, and a small staff. That way when you walk in the door you know we won’t shuffle you through bureaucracy or hand your case off to a less experienced attorney. Instead you’ll have Kevin’s 25 years of experience at your disposal.  We hand-pick our office staff and assistants for their efficiency and compassion. So from the moment you walk in the door you’ll be treated with dignity and professionalism.

Our experience gives you options.

Kevin Rank knows bankruptcy law in and out. He’s spent the last 25 years helping Oregonians file for bankruptcy, which means he really has seen it all. Kevin has built a reputation for giving his clients all the information they need, even when it doesn’t benefit him. Integrity is the cornerstone of his practice. Instead of trying to shoe-horn clients into filings that are more profitable, Kevin has pledged to do right by each client and to educate and support your own choices. He’ll take time to answer all your questions and make sure that you are filing correctly and in a way that makes sense for you. Be sure to check our Client Reviews so you get an idea how you’ll be treated when you choose Rank & Associates, P.C. as your advocate.

Bankruptcy Law and Credit Card Defense

We’ve built a law firm dedicated to helping people every day with their financial problems. Kevin takes pride in consulting with individuals and small businesses about their financial options. But we are specifically designed to help you with financial problems, especially bankruptcy and credit card defense. When you’re seeking a bankruptcy lawyer we know you’re in a tight spot, and often you have to make decisions quickly. We can set up a free bankruptcy consultation right away so that you have a chance to talk to an experienced attorney. We also provide credit card defense. If you’re fielding calls or summons from credit card companies, collection agencies or debt buyers call us today. We can stop the clock, protect your wages and ensure you have a chance to fight back.

Not sure bankruptcy is right for you?

Are you drowning but not sure if bankruptcy is the solution? Read this short article, it will give you some key factors in deciding if bankruptcy is right for you. But we also know that you’ll probably have more individual questions and concerns. In fact you’re probably stressed and have tons of questions. We get it! That’s why we provide a free bankruptcy consultation. You’re only one call away from getting the answers to all your questions and feeling more confident about your financial future. Take control of your finances today; give us a call.

Call for your free bankruptcy consultation and get the relief that comes with having the best on your team.

Want to know what the bankruptcy process looks like? See our page What to Expect


File Chapter 13 bankruptcy with Rank & Associates, P.C.

Credit Card Defense

We can defend you from credit card companies and stop harassing calls today. Have you recently been served with a Summons and Complaint by a credit card company, collection agency…
File bankruptcy only $500 up front with Rank & Associates, P.C.


What is bankruptcy? In simple terms, bankruptcy is a fresh start. It’s a legal proceeding where where a person or company who is having difficulty meeting financial obligations can discharge…
Kevin J. Rank will help you file bankruptcy in Oregon

What to Expect

What does the bankruptcy process look like? What should I expect? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of bankruptcy? Don’t! Here’s an easy description of most bankruptcy proceedings and…