Introducing Rank & Karnes Law, P.C.

Rank & Karnes Law, P.C. Kevin Rank and Keith Karnes

We’re always looking for ways to better support our clients, and we’re happy to announce we’ve found a new way to do that. We’ve spent the past few months planning and adjusting for a new opportunity, a merger with attorney Keith Karnes and we’ve already opened our new firm, Rank & Karnes Law, P.C.

Rank & Karnes Law, P.C. expands our ability to help you.

We pride ourselves on keeping our office small enough to allow you access to your own attorney and legal team, but we’ve been looking for ways to grow and serve more people. Merging with Karnes Law Offices, P.C. gives us this opportunity and means we can offer the same exceptional service. We know and trust Keith and his team and we’re so excited to be able to join forces and work together.

Working with the team from Karnes Law means that we’ll be able to offer more services. In addition to bankruptcy and credit card defense we can also help with tax and mortgage defense as well as consumer litigation. We’ll have more openings in our schedules and have more expertise available in any situation. When you’re in financial trouble and need a lawyer, we should be your first call!

All the best of Rank & Associates with great new faces too.

Don’t worry, you’ll still find Kevin and Jennifer at the new office. They’re just as committed to helping their clients as ever. You’ll also find some new faces, including attorney Keith Karnes. We’re also working on a new website where you can get all the best information on bankruptcy and set up your own free consultation with Kevin or Keith. Rest assured that this merger is good news for us and for you, our valued clients.

You can find all of us at our new offices at 2701 12th Street SE, in Salem, Oregon or give us a call at 503-385-888.

So please, don’t hesitate to call Rank & Karnes Law, P.C. for all your bankruptcy (and other!) needs. We’ve still got your back, in more ways than ever.

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