In-depth Review | What happens after I call Rank & Associates, P.C.?

In-depth Review | Bankruptcy Attorney | Salem, OR

I want to talk to someone who has filed bankruptcy.

Are you nervous and wish you had a better picture of what would actually happen after you decide to talk to us about filing bankruptcy? Do you wish you could talk to someone who has been in your shoes? You’re not alone! Because bankruptcy feels so personal and sometimes painful it’s hard to find people to give you advice on the process. You need an in-depth review from a real person, something that tells you what they really went through.

In-depth Review | Bankruptcy Attorney | Salem, OROne of our wonderful clients recently provided this description of the process they went through trying to find a good attorney and what happened after they called our office. This in-depth review has been minimally edited for clarity. We wanted to share this review in its entirety so that you have a real ally that’s been in your position. This client filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy with us earlier this year, 2019.

Here’s an in-depth review, straight from one of our previous clients.

Deciding who to call:

I was considering bankruptcy and read on line the qualifications to be able to file. I felt that my circumstance could qualify and then went on-line and reviewed bankruptcy attorneys in Salem, Or. I was looking for a firm that only practiced bankruptcy law and not a large firm. I felt that I found the two best firms.

I did call both firms and decided to go with Rank and Associates, as I was impressed with their web site. I called them to find out what I needed to do to get started. I talked to Jennifer who was able to answer my initial questions. She made my free consultation appointment which was in a few days, with attorney Mr. Kevin Rank. She also sent online the preliminary forms that I needed to complete prior to my consultation meeting. The meeting was to discuss the forms that I had completed prior.”

Bankruptcy appointments and process:

“Mr. Rank felt I would qualify for bankruptcy and he also explained all the other options that were available to me. I did decide to continue with bankruptcy.

I was given a set of more detailed forms to complete and also made an appointment to discuss these forms. Mr. Rank was very helpful in filling in the items that I was unsure how to complete. I received a list of firms that offer financial classes, either on-line or phone, that are by the courts. I completed the two classes and my certificates were sent directly to my attorney.

I was advised by Kevin Rank’s office that my case was filed with the courts and the date for the hearing.

At the hearing Kevin was with me and assisted me in some of the questions. The hearing lasted about 15 minutes mainly because Kevin had all the information that the hearings officer had requested.

I felt sorry for some of the other cases that were there for their hearings as it was obvious their attorney was not prepared for the hearing.”

Other helpful information and overall feeling:

“I started this process on January 11, 2019 and the hearing was held on March 8, 2019.

From the research I was able to do I found the costs are all about the same.

If anyone would like to talk with me please call Rank and Associates 503.385.8888 and they will put us together.

I always felt that they had my interest first including the office staff. I highly recommend this law firm for bankruptcy assistance.”

OK, where can I get more information?

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