How do I get my credit report?

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How can I obtain my free credit report?

Free Credit Report for your Free Bankruptcy ConsultationAll individuals are entitled to a free copy of their credit report at least once a year. You can obtain your credit report from the website All three of the major credit reporting companies will provide your report through this site. Simply click on the link and enter your information. Decide which reports you’d like – you can typically check each of the separate companies once per year for free.

Please be aware, this is the only free credit report site authorized by the federal government. DO NOT use another site, they are scams! Other sites are usually designed to steal your information or even your identity. These sites ask for a great deal of personal information, so make sure you’re only providing that information to a site backed by the federal government and recognized by banks and credit insitutions.

After you visit Annual Credit Report and get your free credit report, then you’re on your way to a really successful free consultation with one of our accomplished bankruptcy attorneys. This information will be extremely helpful in determining if bankruptcy is the best option for you, your business or your family. When you’re ready, please be sure to visit our Get Started page. You’ll find a new client questionnaire and be able to make an appointment for your no obligation consultation. All for free! Because we want you to know we’re rooting for you, whether you decide to be our client or not.

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