How do I choose a bankruptcy lawyer?

Choose a bankruptcy lawyer - choose Rank & Karnes Law, P.C.

I need to file, but how do I choose a bankruptcy lawyer?

You’ve done a little research and you know that your finances are out of control and you need help. But how do you choose someone to help you through one of the most difficult experiences of your life? We know we’re not the only great bankruptcy lawyers in Oregon. We have good relationships with other firms in the state, and we know what sets each apart. So let us explain some of the different kinds of firms you’ll encounter.

Large, corporate firm?

These firms have large staffs, which means they sometimes have longer hours and more resources available to help at a moment’s notice. They’ll take your case and work hard to get you in and out quickly. As a client at a large firm you don’t usually get a personal touch and it may be tough to get in touch with the attorney in charge of your case, because they often have a large caseload. Your lawyer themselves may be more or less experienced, as firms like this often take on and train new attorneys. You may move through the process quickly but you also may get shoehorned into a solution that isn’t the best for you.

Diversified firm?

You may decide to choose a bankruptcy lawyer at a firm that handles more than just bankruptcy cases. This would be a good idea if you have more legal problems to be solved than just financial ones. These firms bring breadth, but not always a depth of experience in just bankruptcy. We sometimes get referrals from these firms for their more complicated bankruptcy cases, because they recognize that we specialize in a way that they just can’t. And we’re happy to return the favor with our clients who need more legal assistance than we can provide.

Attorney-run, bankruptcy law firm?

We don’t need to hide the fact that we think this is your best option when you choose a bankruptcy lawyer. We’re a smaller firm that specializes only in bankruptcy and other financial problems. That means we know bankruptcy in and out. It means that we’re your friends and neighbors and you can expect to be treated that way at each step. It’s in our best interest to find the best solution for your case, not to shoehorn you into what is fastest or most profitable for us. Because our reputation and business depends on your opinion, not on the volume or breadth of clients we take on. Real expertise and personal relationships are the core of our firm.

You can get a feel for our office and other offices like us by just giving us a call. We’ll invite you in for a free bankruptcy consultation, and if we don’t earn your business then we’ll still part as friends and neighbors. Because that’s what we are.

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2 thoughts on “How do I choose a bankruptcy lawyer?

  1. Thanks for helping me decide how to choose a bankruptcy lawyer. My aunt filed for bankruptcy last week due to loads of debts. However, I encouraged her to get a bankruptcy lawyer to help with her financial issues. I like that you mentioned choosing a smaller bankruptcy law firm since the lawyers there are trained only for that specific field. Hence, it would be easier for my aunt to find herself one at a bankruptcy law firm.

    1. We’re happy this post was helpful for you Victoria! If your aunt is in Oregon we’d be happy to review her case.

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