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You can depend on Rank & Associates, P.C. to be your bankruptcy attorney in Albany, OR. We offer comprehensive bankruptcy law services for clients needing credit card defense, debt relief, or bankruptcy assistance. Bankruptcy law expert Kevin J. Rank has been assisting clients with all types of bankruptcy concerns since 1996. His caring and compassionate approach makes the process of filing for bankruptcy much more manageable. While his offices are located in Salem, Oregon, Kevin is able to help anyone in the state of Oregon. We’re just down the road, but are happy to help with a phone consultation too!

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Get bankruptcy help at Rank & Associates, P.C. today!Rank & Associates, P.C. offers assistance with all aspects of bankruptcy law for both individuals and businesses. Whether your case requires the help of a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyer, chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney, or chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, we are here to help. We are dedicated to making the bankruptcy process as simple and affordable as possible. We can be your bankruptcy attorney in Albany OR or anywhere else in our great state. It’s so easy to call for a free consultation!

A Credit Card Defense Lawyer You Can Count on

When you receive a Summons and Complaint from a credit card company, the law allows only a small window of time in which to respond. At Rank & Associates, we offer expert representation from a knowledgeable credit card attorney. As your credit card debt lawyer, Kevin J. Rank will utilize his knowledge of little-known credit card laws to work in your favor. Contact him to see how he can assist you with your credit card defense in Albany, OR.

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