Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Why would I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a type of bankruptcy that has the ability to discharge past unsecured debt. There is no need to see the judge with this type of bankruptcy. Instead, you can work with a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer, usually over the course of several months to file. Don’t worry, it won’t take several months to feel the relief of having an experienced team at your back. We can stop repossessions and harassing phone calls right away. Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will erase most types of debt except for alimony and support, fraud debt, taxes, and student loans.

How does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy work?

Federal law provides a fresh start to anyone through bankruptcy, and we can guide you through to your new beginning. In most chapter 7 bankruptcies, the person filing gets to retain their furniture, cars and houses, and other personal belongings. However some assets may be sold to pay creditors. While there are some kinds of debt that cannot be discharged, the point of bankruptcy is for a clean slate – you will no longer owe money to any of your previous creditors (see exceptions above).