Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Attorney In Oregon, OR

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Polk County, OR

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

When filing for chapter 12 bankruptcy, a bankruptcy lawyer can prove indispensable in resolving the case successfully. As your chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyer, Rank & Associates, P.C. will walk you through the process of filing for chapter 12 bankruptcy in Marion County, OR or Polk County, OR.

When to File Chapter 12 Bankruptcy

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is typically filed to facilitate the restructuring of farm debts. In this way, a chapter 12 bankruptcy is similar in structure to a chapter 13; however, it is only provided as an option for farmers and has a higher amount of debt that is allowed. There are very strict eligibility criteria, and chapter 12 bankruptcy can only be filed by family farmers who have a regular annual income. In the event that a client can meet the eligibility criteria, then chapter 12 is usually preferable to any other type of bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.

Filing for chapter 12 bankruptcy will allow the farmer to reorganize their debt without the complexity inherent in chapter 11. Chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney Kevin Rank has extensive experience with every type of bankruptcy filing. He will provide the clarity and guidance to facilitate an accurate and successful filing process.

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