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For over 25 years, Rank & Associates, P.C. has been providing expert credit card defense, debt relief help, and bankruptcy assistance in Salem, OR. We offer affordable bankruptcy filings and effective legal services as your credit card debt lawyer. Whether you need us to help you file for bankruptcy or you need a credit card defense lawyer, we’re on your team. Kevin J. Rank is dedicated to giving each client the best representation available, and he’s been a local here and part of the Salem community for more than 25 years.

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At Rank & Associates, P.C., you can receive expert assistance from a local bankruptcy lawyer with over two decades of experience. As your bankruptcy attorney, Kevin J. Rank can assist you with filing for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code. Whether your case requires the expertise of a chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney, chapter 12 bankruptcy attorney, or chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney you can receive the expert assistance you need. We do emergency and same day filings! We make a difficult thing much easier, so file with us.

Help with Litigious Credit Card Companies

If you are being sued by a credit card company, the law gives you only 30 days to respond. Contact an experienced credit card defense attorney from Rank & Associates, P.C. We can temporarily stop the 30-day default clock with a phone call or letter. We understand the best tactics and techniques to fight the credit card companies effectively in Salem and anywhere in the state of Oregon.

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